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Kyoto Ohata's Novelty Collection

Hello, I'm Kyoto Ohata.

My real name is Keiko Otsuhata.
Otsuhata is my surname and Keiko is my given name.

When the "Pigeon Shoes" story was introduced through the world media, it seems the original article mistook my name for "Kyoto Ohata", and I became known globally as Kyoto.

I'm already fine with the name Kyoto Ohata internationally.
That's because Japan does have the old capital, Kyoto. But I do not dress like a geisha.

Lives in Tokyo. Became a writer after being a office worker. Later she began designing art and general goods. It all started with the "Hok-case" (Mackerel Case).

> Website 妄想工作所

Kyoto's works

I am actually not a shoemaker. I've made many other strange things besides shoes, and I would like to show you some of them here.

Hato Heel (Pigeon shoes)

I created them because I wanted to befriend pigeons, but I ended up utterly avoided by them.
"Hato" means pigeon in Japanese, so I combined "High" and "Hato". It's a pun.

Legs Sticking out of Lake Surface Ice Maker

There is a Japanese 70's film called "Inugami-ke no Ichizoku," which features a famous scene where a corpse's legs are sticking out of a lake's surface. The scene is frightening to children, but I thought if I recreated the scene with ice, it would cool the mind and body, so I created the ice maker. When you use it, it sticks to your nose and makes it difficult to drink.
I'm trying to figure out how to commodify it.

Gyoza Reversi

This is what it looks like to play reversi while you appear to be frying gyoza. The fried side player plays against the raw side player, though I think the fried player will definitely have a better time.
I'm also trying to commodify this.

Making Ancient Ruins from Flipped Packaging

This is the recycled paper cushioning from when you buy things like electronics. If you just flip it over, it looks like ancient ruins. I added some figures and trees to make it look like ruins in a desert or a jungle.

Imp Heel

The imps being stepped on by the Buddhist statue (Four Heavenly Kings) are called "Jaki." I made those imps into the heels of high heels. It makes you feel like you're exterminating demons with every step.

Frisk Charm

When it comes to things you always carry with you, there's Frisk mints and (if you're Japanese) charms.
So I decided to decorate Frisk cases to look like charms.
The font also looks like Frisk.

Skewered Chicken Wedding Ring

The skewered chicken you often find at Japanese BBQ. From the Japanese spirit of give-and-take, there is often a ceremony of taking the meat off of the skewer and sharing it among everyone.
But it's actually pretty hard to get off.
I used that hard to get off feeling as pretense for a wedding ring. Pledge eternal love with fried chicken.

Giant Oarfish Scarf

If this rarely seen deep sea fish is pulled ashore, there is generally pictures taken with all the fisherman holding it to show off it's length. I wanted to recreate that feeling, so I knit it. The plan was for it to be 3 meters long, but while knitting, it became 4 meters, and now at the time of exhibition it is 6 meters.


Starbucks' short, tall, grande and venti size cups all fit inside of each other like a matryoshka doll (the lids for grande and venti are the same size, so it doesn't feel quite right). Is this just for Starbucks in Japan?

Hok-case (Mackerel Pen Case)

There is a mackerel fish called "Hokke" in Japan. The hokke is cut down through the stomach, split open and fried. It is a very popular menu item at bars, but I think that many Japanese people may have not seen it in it's living form. I wanted to see what it looked like live, so I cooked one from the supermarket, took pictures, and made it into a pen case.
This is being commodified.

Giant Salamander Hamburger

The Giant Salamander, endemic to Japan, looks just like hamburger, so I made it just about life sized. It was delicious.

Captured Alien Reusable Bag

This is the famous "Captured Alien" which appeared in a West Germany newspaper. I thought that picture looked like two people holding a reusable bag, so I made it. It's reusable, yet it causes a feeling of unease.
It was commodified in the past.
Thermographic Sweater

A thermographic image showing the temperature distribution of the body.
I created this thinking that seeing the warm thermographic design would make one feel warm, even in a cold winter. It's knit with cheap acrylic fiber, so it's not actually that warm. And it was quite tough to make.

Noah's Ark Pouch and Miracle of Moses Pouch

The others above were created for Daily Portal Z, but these alone were created for a different website "FELLISIMO," in a corner called "Delusion Commodity Dojo."
I submitted the idea, with the theme of "super enthusiast pouch." They are two different georama-like pouches based on the Old Testament, and it became commodified with record high votes.

The Noah's Ark one makes you go, "Ah, good the birds are on the ark," giving you a sense of security. The Moses one is overflowing with spectacle, showing dead fish at the bottom of the split sea.

You can see more works on Kyoto Ohata's website "Delusion Workshop" (Website is in Japanese).
妄想工作所(Mousou-Kosakusho, Delusion Workshop)

You may buy several works online. (International shipping available)
妄想工作所Store (Mousou-Kosakusho Store)
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